Case Studies


The Rarest Drug on Earth

The Request: Funded by a Telus Storyhive grant, we had 10 minutes to tell the incredible story of how targeted alpha therapy could revolutionize cancer treatment.

The Result: The Rarest Drug on Earth is a short web documentary that uses interviews and animation to explain how actinium-225, a rare radioactive isotope, can be used to treat advanced prostate cancer. 

Kanso Coffee

The Request: Kanso Coffee was about to launch a Kickstarter campaign for their first flagship product, a premium hand grinder called Hiku. They needed a set of videos that clearly communicated their engineering advances.

The Result: Using slow motion and dramatic lighting, we created a striking visual to showcase the prototype grinder and with subtle animation, we were able to illustrate the specific features and advances that make this grinder so remarkable. 

We also produced a pitch video to accompany the campaign

The Request:, a leader in evidence-based nutrition and health information, works to present clear information, directly from peer-reviewed studies. They were looking for an updated visual style that was efficient and adaptable enough to produce three videos per week, on a wide range of topics. 

The Result: We worked to create a bold, simple look based on the published studies themselves, supplemented with highlights and clear iconography.


The Request: Actua, Canada's leading STEM outreach organization for youth was preparing to launch a national workshop tour to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. They asked us to create a series of videos to be used during these workshops, linking them to this history of Canadian Innovation.

The Result: We decided to connect the 3D printers and laser cutters used in the workshops to famous Canadian inventions by building models that transform into the real thing. We intercut this with historical footage and subtly animated photos, all tied together through a timeline of Canadian ingenuity. During 2017 these videos were shown to tens of thousands of youth, in every province and territory across Canada. 


The Request: Doing away with the traditional user manual, Logitech wanted a clear, straightforward video explaining the setup their Brio webcam. 

The Result: Through simple animation and original music we created a step by step animated guide that anyone can follow. 

Double Blind: 2017 BC Election

The Request: We wanted to create a clear, easy to follow summary of each major party's election platform during the 2017 BC election. Our goal was to promote engagement in provincial politics by making political policy more approachable. 

The Result: After an intensive research and fact-checking process we established comparison points between the parties and delivered this through straightforward narration, accented using animated iconography. This video received over half a million views and was the subject of numerous news articles. You can view our post-election follow up video here.

Belgard Kitchen/Postmark Brewing

The Request: The Settlement Building, including Belgard Kitchen, Postmark Brewing, and Urban Winery, needed video content to showcase their gorgeous space in Railtown and their unique integration of brewing, wine-making and food.

The Result: Working with Milkshake Pictures, we shot three short web spots focused on the building, staff and what happens behind the scenes. Featuring original music and gorgeous visuals, these ads show off the best of all three businesses. The other two are available here and here.

Research Vessel Atlantis

The Request: During a scientific expedition to the Pito Deep, one of the deepest spots in the Pacific Ocean, the team of scientists aboard the Research Vessel Atlantis wanted to create a series of web videos. This was to communicate their work and the goals of their expedition to the general public, as well as fulfill their National Science Foundation outreach requirement.  

The Result: Through footage captured onboard the ship as well as added animation, we produced four short videos explaining different aspects of the expedition. These were shared widely on social media by the research team and their academic institutions. In addition, we coordinated daily live broadcasts from the ship to schools, museums, and universities across the world.